Конспект урока английского языка в 8 классе

Смирнова О.И.-сценарий 

Тип урока: урок изучения нового лексического материала.

Цели: введение  новой лексики по теме.

Задачи: формирование навыков чтения, тренировка навыков построения монологического высказывания  по теме, отработка и первичное закрепление нового лексического материала.

Оборудование: УМК М.З.Биболетовой «Английский с удовольствием», компьютер, презентация.

Ход урока.

  1. Организационный момент.

— Hello, my dear friends! I am glad to see you! Sit down, please!

  1. Проверка наличия домашнего задания, выборочный контроль качества домашнего задания у 2-3 учащихся.

Let’s check up your homework. Come up to me and show me your workbooks.

  1. Целеполагание

Посмотрите на монитор и подберите определения к словам (2 слайд).

Что общего у этих слов? Как вы думаете, о чем мы будем говорить?

Now, let`s look at the screen and match the words and descriptions. First of all, let`s find out meanings of some new words: galaxy, space, universe, planet, spaceship.  What is common in these words? What are we going to talk about today?

1.a planet

2.a spaceship

3.a galaxy


5.the universe

6.the Solar System


a) …is all space and everything that exists in it.

b) …is a huge group of stars and planets.

c) …is a place far above the Earth where there is no air.

d) …is a rocket or other vehicle that can travel in space.

e)…is a large, round object that goes round a star.

f)…is the Sun together with the planets going round it.

Now, look at the screen and answer the questions:

  1. a) How many main planets are there in the Solar System?
  2. b) Can you name them? (3 слайд)
  3. Предложить обучающимся в парах прочитать тексты презентации, обращая внимание на ключевые слова (4-11 слайды).

So, I`d like you to read the texts about the planets and get ready to answer the questions:

  1. a) Which planet is the smallest one?
  2. b) What is another name for the “red planet”?
  3. c) Which planet is closest to the Sun?
  4. d) Which planet is famous for its rings?
  5. e) Which planet is larger than all the other planets put together?
  6. Самостоятельная работа.

Сейчас вы будете работать самостоятельно; вы должны исправить данные предложения.

Now you`re going to work by yourselves. You should correct the statements which are written on the board:

  1. a) Mars is the fifth planet from the Sun.
  2. b) Today people believe there is life on the planet.
  3. c) Earth is much lighter than Saturn.
  4. d) The planet nearest the Sun is very hot at night.
  5. e) Neptune is usually farther from the Sun.
  6. f) After every 84 years the north pole of Uranus has light.
  7. Обучающимся предлагается составить монологическое высказывание.

Посмотрите на монитор (13 слайд)  и скажите, какую планету вы бы хотели посетить, какая она (опишите планету), что вы можете там увидеть и чем вы там можете заняться.

Look at the screen and say which planet you would like to visit, what the planet is like, what you can see and do there.

  1. Обучающимся предлагается решить кроссворд (12 слайд).

Index =>



Complete the crossword, then click on «Check» to check your answer. If you are stuck, you can click on «Hint» to get a free letter. Click on a number in the grid to see the clue or clues for that number.

2          3   
  4          5             
    7        8            9   



2. a very large hot ball of gas that appears as a small bright light in the sky at night
4. the air round the Earth or round another planet
6. a very large round object that moves around the Sun or another star
7. someone who travels and works in space
10. all space and everything that exists in it


1. a huge group of stars and planets
3. a natural object that moves around a planet
5. a vehicle that can travel in space
8. a vehicle shaped like a tube that travels in space
9. a piece of equipment shaped like a tube to look through


Index =>

Now students let`s complete the crossword.

  1. Подведение итогов уроков, выставление оценок.

Example: —  What have you learned today?

  • What information was new for you?
  • Thank you for the lesson. Your work was good.

Домашнее задание (Ex.32 p.12).